Discovery set 2 (3x5ml)

Discover Svensk Parfym.

Our second discovery set contains 5ml deluxe samples of En, Skymning and Sadel, presented in a matching gift box.


525.00 kr

Product Description

En is a tribute to the Swedish juniper where all the aspects of this marvellous tree is interpreted. Juniper is a coniferous plant of the cypress family and very precious to us in Sweden, being used in fine carpentry, artisanal handicraft as well as in brewery, distillery and gastronomy. Fragrance notes and accords to be found in En are pinewood, juniper berries, juniper wood, black pepper, tobacco and oak moss. En is Swedish for juniper.


Skymning was created as a manifestation of the sunset sky and its emotional effect on our lives. During a vast part of the year most parts of Sweden lacks sunlight due to grey cloudy skies. Intense colourful skies can therefore cause strong mixed emotions of awe and envy, pleasure and sadness. If this heartfelt phenomenon would be a fragrance, this would be it. It has notes of iris and violet, violet candy and musk. Skymning is Swedish for dusk.


Sadel is a tribute to Swedish design and craftsmanship. Sadel is about letting go of all insignificant and to focus on simplicity, usability and comfort. Sadel is about clarity and engagement, about the essential connection between creator and creation, master and creature, about the connection between rider and ride. Fragrance notes and accords to be found in Sadel are leather, butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and tobacco. Sadel is Swedish for saddle.

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